The humble looking t-shirt is considered to be one of the most versatile and comfortable piece of clothing. No matter if you are a man or a woman, t-shirts are a staple in everyone wardrobe. The best thing about wearing t-shirt is that it looks good on people of all age. Not to mention, there are different kinds of t-shirt for different occasions. So, if you are confused on what to wear for a certain event, sport a t-shirt and wear a jacket over it and you are ready to rock.

Whilst, women have mastered the art of wearing t-shirts, the men in general, for their lack of fashion sense, do not know that they can look more fashionable than they actually are even with wearing a simple t-shirt and a pair of denims. These days, almost every reputed Tshirt wholesaler in Delhi makes different kinds of tees for men. No matter if you are buying a t-shirt online or at any retail store, knowing the following tips will greatly help you level up your style statement.
1. Getting the right fit is of utmost importance

In a recent study it was noted that most women find men wearing fitted t-shirt more attractive than others. So, when you are buying a t-shirt make sure that you the shape of t-shirt accentuate your shoulders and the highlights the best attributes of your body. Here a few simple rules to remember while getting the best fitted t-shirt:

  • The sleeves should fit perfectly around the arms and the length of the sleeves should not extend below your elbow. If you have muscular arms, it is advisable that you look for shorter sleeves to show off your muscles.
  •  The seams of the t-shirt should perfect sit over the edges of your shoulders.
  •  The length of the t-shirt is an important thing to consider; it should be long enough so that it can be easily tucked into the trouser but not so long that it hangs loosely around the waist. Make sure that the t-shirt covers the waistband of the trousers.

2. Be choosy with the colour

For every man it is advisable that you own a few t-shirts in the basic colours like white, black, blue and gray. The white t-shirt complements all type of skin colour and you can pair it with trousers, denims, and even shorts. A pair of t-shirts in different shades of gray would be an ideal wear for a casual outing with friends or for a workout session. It would be a sin to not have a black t-shirt. As they say, you can never go wrong with a black dress, you can be sure to be dressed immaculately with this versatile piece of clothing.

3. Choose the right Fabric

The quality of the t-shirt greatly depends on the quality of its fabric. If you are living in India, given the hot and humid conditions, wearing 100 per cent cotton t-shirts would be advisable for maximum comfort. Also, cotton t-shirts are easy to wash and they maintain their colour for a long time. The amount of cotton present in a fabric varies; for this reason, you must be careful when picking your cotton t-shirts.
So, those were some of the useful tips you can keep in mind. Next time when you buy t-shirts for your wardrobe, spend a little more time and select the perfect ones. Nowadays you can easily find a Tshirt wholesaler in Delhi who deals in customized t shirts and shirts as well. All you have to do is choose the right size, select your design, and place your order right away!