Today, the businesses around the world, in their bid to outwit the competition are going beyond the conventional marketing techniques to expand their reach and earn profits. Apart from using the various online platforms and marketing tools, the modern day business organisations are not ruling out the offline promotion tactics. Also, the marketing is nowadays is not just about promoting the brand or the product but it is focused more on how the brand can earn more than what they spend on the marketing.

One of the recent marketing trends that is gaining immense popularity around the world, especially among the various start-ups is getting custom printed shirts. Some may argue that it is better to spend the money on other things, but here are five reasons why every employer must consider investing in customized shirts India.

A subtle yet effective marketing

Have you ever wondered why the car makers put their logo on the front and rear end of the models they produce? Well, it is simply a free advertising means that get the attention of hundreds of people on a daily basis and the best part; most of these people are the potential customers of the brand. Similarly, if you do not do some customized branding for your company, you will the opportunity create visibility. A simple thing like creating custom printed shirts for your employees can have a huge impact on the brand recall value, promotion and sales. Imagine your employee is at a business convention, wearing your custom shirt; they are marketing your brand for literally a fraction of a cost.

Helps in developing team spirit

It is said that, nothing great is ever done with the help of a team. It is a proven fact that the best performing teams are the ones that works in a cohesive manner. One of the best ways to develop cohesion among the employees is through having custom designed uniform shirts for all. Research has proven than uniforms can significantly increase the employees’ credibility, confidence and job satisfaction. The uniforms, necessarily have to be an internal thing, your customer are also a part of your team. You can create a different variety of the same design go away to the customers to create a sense of belonging among them and make the feel part of your brand family.

Win customer loyalty

Any business owner would agree to the statement that creating brand equity is tough, and if you have created, you would not want to let it go. You can create customized printed t shirts to keep the brand in the minds of your beloved customers at all times. Giving away customized t shirts or shirts to the loyal patrons give you the best opportunity to get your brand in their homes, which in turn will bring both loyalty and profit.

Reward a customer

The customers in general love to get rewards and win prizes. You can give away free shirts in return for engaging with you in some way. You can give away a shirt for signing up for your newsletter, or participating in an event. The choices are endless. Yes, each shirt may cost you, but the returns you gain would be much more.

Generate revenue

Lastly, you can sell the custom printed shirt as brand merchandise online or at offline store and generate revenue. If you are participating in any event, you can get an exclusive customized shirts India printed for the attendees and advertise the same upfront. If you want to sell the shirts online, there are plenty of online retailers who can handle all the inventories for you and you can generate serious revenue. However, the key is to think about the audiences’ taste and preference before you commit to print, think about the colour, the fit, and the sizes.