One of the top five ideas anyone starting a new business, team, or community has is getting customised t-shirts. There are many reasons for it. A t-shirt is one piece of apparel that will never go out of trend, is always useful, and can be worn by anyone regardless of their gender identity or age. All of the world's most iconic t-shirts, such as Nirvana, Bob Marley, Tuxedo etc., have one thing in common - they were customised. Many celebrities wear customised t-shirts to spread a social message or start a trend. Clothing has always been a form of expression and having it customised only makes it a lot easier for someone to express themselves or their cause. There are many benefits of getting custom T-shirts, especially in India, where people, especially youth, are constantly looking for new ways to say what's on their minds. Here is how a customised t-shirt makes a difference.

 They are Cheap to Print in Bulk: 

People are constantly looking for more affordable clothing without compromising on quality. When printed in bulk, the cost per piece of a customised T-shirt lowers to almost half of what you would spend on a branded t-shirt of quality. This is one of the main reasons why many people opt for customised T shirts, especially for college events or corporate teams. They also act as great gifts for clients and guests and are an effective marketing tool.


It is well established that the fashion industry has one of the highest energy consumption rates in the present world. However, most environmentalists would agree that customised T-shirt printing in Gurgaon or any other part of India can easily adapt sustainable measures in their manufacturing process. Also, as far as marketing materials go, t-shirts fare a lot better and are environmentally friendly than other traditional means since T-shirts can be used multiple times for years while hoardings, brochures and other materials are meant to be looked at once and thrown away after a while.

Much More Recognisable:

Printing and distributing custom T-shirts to volunteers and participants is a great way to spread awareness about social campaigns and bring out the message creatively. When customised T shirts are used as forms of self-expression for the promotion of a social cause, they are found to gain immense popularity quicker than other forms of promotion. The design of the t-shirt itself represents the cause, and the use of slogans or logos makes the message clearer. As people can even wear t-shirts after the event, they act as a reminder of the cause long after the event is over.

Great Visual Stimuli: 

Visual images are processed sixty thousand times faster by the human brain than any other form of sensory stimuli. People want to talk more about what they see. This makes customised T-shirts great conversation starters, especially if it is about a brand or movement.

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