Three Criteria You Must Consider While Choosing A T-shirt Printing Method

It’s most difficult to choose an ideal t-shirt printing method while designing customized t-shirts. A lot of people can’t choose an ideal method and end up having a poor quality print on their t-shirts. Businesses can’t afford to make such mistakes as poor-quality print materials can instantly tarnish their reputation and impact their growth. So, it’s important to choose an ideal t-shirt printing method beforehand. There is a range of different methods available. This includes screen printing, DTG printing, transfer printing, dye sublimation, and heat press printing. Each of these printing techniques has its unique benefits. However, people can’t choose any of these methods randomly as it will impact the quality of the print materials. So, there are ways to choose an ideal t-shirt printing method in Gurgaon or any other place. Let’s take a look at the following techniques below, 

1. Fabric Compatibility 

The printing technique must be chosen as per the fabric type. It’s because not all methods can be a good fit for all types of fabrics. If there’s a thick cotton shirt and people are using dye-sublimation, the printing process will ruin the fabric quality. So, one must check the fabric type and then choose the printing technique to yield the best results. Generally, screen printing works on most fabric types. It also provides a long-lasting effect. The screen printing method is also known as the silkscreen printing method. A lot of professionals at t-shirt printing in Gurgaon or any other places rely on this screen printing method to yield the best output. Especially, the method is ideal if there’s a large number of a shirt to be printed. For small quantities, it can be a pretty complicated process. 

2. Production Speed 

The production speed of each of these different types of printing isn’t the same. So, people should consider the production speed before finalizing a printing technique. If there’s an urgency of printing thousands of t-shirts as quickly as possible, then it wouldn’t be prudent to choose a slow method. On the other hand, if there’s no urgency to print the t-shirts, one can opt for the slower method and yield the best and long-lasting output. But, sometimes the printing company takes a long time to deliver the products. In this case, one must ask the turnaround time of these companies before finalizing them. 

3. Cost-efficiency 

Every business has a certain budget. The cost of printing varies greatly depending upon the printing method, the fabric type, and the complexity of the project. Also, there are additional factors like the experience of the printing company, the expertise, and the equipment used in these companies. There are a lot of economic printing options available for people with tight budgets. This doesn’t mean they can’t yield the best output after spending a reasonable price. But, the methods should be chosen wisely to get the best output. These are the three criteria one must consider while choosing a printing method.