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The create it tool


What is The Create it tool?

The create it tool is a software designed by Custprint that lets you customize your own apparel any way you want.

How does the pricing work on create it?

The pricing on the create it tool adjusts with your design size your design colours and your final ordered quantity.

Can I order an item in bulk and get special discount?

The pricing engine in our create it tool adjusts price with quantity. Thus you will get special discount for ordering bigger quantities.

Custprint defines bulk limit as more than 100 pcs. If you have an order which has more than 100 pcs, kindly refer to the bulk order tool.

How does the “create it” tool deal with copyright infringement?

All the materials and images on our “Create It” tool are owned by Custprint and authorised third party services.

To successfully use a user uploaded image, the Terms and Conditions cause has to first be accepted.

Does Custprint own any artwork in the “create it” software?

Custprint owns all artwork and images available on the Create It tool.

The Create It tool has a bug or is not working.

The Create-it tool has been felid tested numerous times before being deployed on Kindly report any bugs at

The software does not work on my device.

The Create it tool is not supported for IOS and tablet based devices. Please make sure that you have the latest version of java installed. For java upgrades, click here.

The Create it software cannot import the artwork from my computer.

The Create it software accepts .jpg and .png formats and can support file uploads for the user to provide us a high resolution file for printing purposes.

NOTE: Users cannot view and modify any other image formats other than .jpg and .png.

I am looking for a specific font/artwork which is not available

Kindly submit the font name and font file at

Will my product meet all quality and safety standards?

All products ordered by you are manufactured at Custprint’s manufacturing unit. All manufactured products meet compliance safety standards and regulations.

For more information please refer to How We print and manufacture.

I am looking for a specific method of printing

Users have various methods of printing available for them in the Create It tool. Depending on the printing method chosen, users can choose to order a specific product.

Note: Price calculation and minimum order quantities are different for each printing method.


I am looking for customization on my own product.

Custprint can customize products owned by you. However, Custprint can only print in bulk. IE. 100 Pcs or more. For more information kindly contact us at

When will my product be delivered?

Delivery time is subject to Delivery Location, Order Quantity and our logistics partners.

If your order quantity is less than 10 pcs, your order will be delivered within 15 days of you ordering.