Choosing the best printing method


Have you ever wondered what your printing will look like once you place an order on Custprint? How will the finished garment look and feel? There are tons of printing methods out there. Every printing method has its advantages and disadvantages. So which printing method do we pick and how does Custprint make sure that that when we choose a printing method is the right call for you?

At Custprint, we choose our printing methods with more than 50 years of experience to make sure that you get the best of your buck when you place an order with us. Here are 5 custom t shirt printing methods we deploy through our in-house manufacturing.

But before we start, here are some things to consider:


  • Pricing: Who are we kidding? You came here because you saw a discount or a price that was too good to be true. How did we do that? When you place an order, you want your artwork to look the stunning when it is printed, but each artwork is different. Sometimes you want a single color logo to be printed on the pocket, at other times you want a full rainbow pixie to be printed on the front. So how do we make sure that we do all that without burning a hole in your pocket? How to we pass on consistent pricing to you while you choose different artworks every time you order?


  • Quality: You need your garment to look stunning. Your printing details to be sharp with immense color-depth and you want to be able to wash and wear your garment with pride until your mom eventually turns it into a mop. You expect this with every order you place; whether it is a single piece you made for your uncle’s birthday or the 1000 pieces you made for your office. How do we make sure that we meet your expectations when you order a single piece or order in bulk?


  • Timelines: You totally forgot your anniversary and you need the garment in 2 days. How do we make sure that we ship the garment to you the next day when it takes us half a day to prepare a screen for screen printing? How do we make sure that we accommodate that request and make sure that it reaches you on time? The garment is of no value to you once your anniversary is over and obviously you placed the order keeping price and quality in mind. How do we make sure that our effort and your money create an experience for you so that you do not end up listening to your better half talk about how you did nothing for that anniversary?


  • Bottlenecks: You love the job we did with the multi color digital print. Now you want to order 100 prints with a hefty discount because it is a bulk order right? No! As much as you try, digital prints are never economical in the long run and with bulk orders. What do we do here? You need the bulk discount because it is a bulk order but at the same time expect the quality to be the same as the sample that you got. How do we make sure that we don’t let you down when you place a bulk order with us?


  • Consistency: You are a start-up and you order 10 polo’s in red today. It is a success! You absolutely love everything about your order. 6 months down the line your business increases and so does your team. This time you order 20 t-shirts for newcomers who have joined. To your disappointment, the red color of the t-shirt is different and your logo is printed a little smaller than your originals. Instead of a team building you have adversely divided your start-up into two teams. How do we make sure that we remain consistent with customers who place orders with us with a time frame but at the same time make improvements to our products?


These are the challenges we face every day with every order that we get. Now that we understand the challenges we must keep in mind, lets dig into the printing methods that Custprint chooses for your order.