Searching For The Best T-Shirt Printing in Gurgaon?


Both men and women love wearing casual T-shirts these days. They are casual and yet fit every occasion out there. Wearing a T-shirt in the summer is a prevalent trend as it keeps us cool. Different people wear T-shirts for different purposes. Some wear them for fashion while some wear them to look modern. There are different types of T-shirts, such as short-sleeved, long-sleeved, patterned, and graphic T-shirts. While some people like plain tees, there is also increasing popularity for printed T-shirts. If you are living in Gurgaon, there are several instances of t-shirt printing in Gurgaon.

Why are printed T-shirts more popular than plain T-shirts?

Many people opt for printed T-shirts in order to look modern. They are usually of unique design and have trendy looks. These prints are usually taken from the computer. The graphic professionals provide the designs to the fashion designers. Some examples of such printed T-shirts are logos, texts, or images. The text can be of any size and font the customer wants.

These shirts can also be ordered online. There is rising popularity of t-shirt printing in Gurgaon, and they provide the printing on a T-shirt at a very economical price. Once printed, these shirts are unique in their own way and make the person wearing it look modern and dazzling.

Most people buy tees from popular branded stores as they provide more durability. Then, they opt for printing outside in order to customize their T-shirt in their own way to make it look unique from anyone else. They look far more sophisticated and richer. You can buy any type of shirt you want - polo neck, V-neck, and round neck.

Printing shops for T-shirts have different types of prints available. Some of them are heat press printing, screen printing (also known as silk screen printing), direct to garments, dye sublimation, and vinyl cutting. The material that holds the prints is a nylon mesh that is waterproof and permeable for dry ink. Printing is specifically better on high branded T-shirts as the cloth is of better quality.

The most popular printing method is the Direct to Garment (DTG) printing method. It amazingly fits for very complex designs, and the texture of the print feels very soft in the hands. The ink used for this method is very thin and does not comprise any kind of layers. The second most popular method is the heat press printing method. It is very cheap, and the printing takes place because of the application of heat and pressure. The heat and pressure imposed on the T-shirt soften the paper, and the transfers of the image takes place accordingly. The print consists of a translucent dye. The third best method is vinyl cutting, where special clothes are cut into different shapes and designs, and then heat is applied. Such a method is very popular in sportswear and graphic T-shirts with slogans and quotations.

Printed T-shirts are not only profitable but unique for the customers. They are very cost-effective and prevalent these days.